Saturday, February 28, 2009

R Image Market (25th and Folsom)

Best corner store in the city. Best sandwiches ever for only 5 dollars. big huge ones. Frequent Buyer wine AND sandwich cards. Great wine selection.

Papalote Frequent Buyer Card

If you buy 12 burritos at any Papalote location, you get a 13th REGULAR BURRITO for free! And you can choose from veggie, meat, fish, etc. To make it a super, pay a dollar.

It rains a lot here. And if your boots are old and you are too poor to buy new ones....use trash bags!!! Seriously, it works. Your feet stay warm, and dry, AND you can still wear your boots.

Here's how it works.

1. Get two trashbags

2. Put them on your feet (over your socks).

3. Tie and knot at the top.

4. Put your boots on.

5. go outside in the rain.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Cheap Hair/Body: Paul Mitchell School

I'm getting a hair cut for 15 dollars. They have a lot of other fab services:

Grocery Outlet: Berkley, CA

Feed Your Family on 3 Dollars A Day Brochure: see downloadable brochure within this article:

Yelp Review:

Cheapest and Longest Lasting Toilet Paper Around Town

Kroger Brand
Family Pack (12 rolls)
Available at FoodsCo and Kroger
1000 sheets per roll

BEST TOILET PAPER DEAL EVER...LASTS FOR A LIFETIME. Today is the first day of week number three, and we have only used three rolls.